About Us

What is our mission?  Our  mission is simple!  We want to create a lasting relationship with our customers through providing knowledge of fire equipment applications, certification requirements, state & local code compliance regulations and insurance requirements, to improve protecting and creating more safety awareness throughout our communities.

A TO Z FIRE began in the early 90’s with the goal of offering complete mobile fire equipment services and training to Pinellas & Hillsborough county residents.  Throughout the past 20 years, we have expanded our market area and now can offer affordable fire equipment services to the entire state of Florida. Our main goal has always been to provide professional and affordable fire extinguisher inspections, certifications & recharges; as well as offer NEW & reconditioned equipment to meet any business owners budget. We know how the economy has affected so many businesses & home owners financially in the past decade. With that in mind, we have decided to help by offering even lower prices on services and equipment to customers, who would prefer to bring their equipment into one of our facilities located in Tampa Florida or our newest location in Largo Florida. The main reason is that our customers can save on paying for a trip fee which can be as much as $65.00 from other competitors. Both our locations offer service on most types of fire extinguishers, fire cabinet supplies, fire code signage, emergency and exit lighting supplies and repairs, safety products and lots more!

With our competitive price guarantee and our great service after the sale, you can rest assure that when it comes to keeping your family and valuables protected, we are the only ones to call.  Both our Largo and our Tampa location specializes in providing prompt, professional and affordable fire equipment supplies and services for any size business. Our niche is large apartment communities throughout the state of Florida. Like most business owners, we realize that in today’s busy environment, the last thing property owners want to deal with is unwanted  fire issues. We guarantee  that once we have conducted your initial inspection of your property, we will annually come back to perform your required NFPA inspections.  Here at A to Z Fire, we believe in always training our staff members effectively to educate and assist property owners, managers and maintenance personnel, on the knowledge of maintaining and assisting with budgeting requirements for existing fire safety equipment.

 TO Z FIRE’s  main goal is to provide a peace of mind for business owners, managers, maintenance personnel and homeowners. When a fire inspector or an insurance compliance adjuster visits, they will know that by using A TO Z FIRE, their property will be code compliant. We are not like most companies. We make sure that when we are called to conduct an inspection of your facility or home, we will take our time to complete a thorough inspection of fire extinguishers, emergency & exit light, circuit breaker boxes, clear emergency paths with quick release exit doors, Life safety codes, NFPA 1 and lots more. We not only conduct a thorough inspection but we take the time to inform and educate our customers of any risk or violations we find.  

Don’t just choose ANY company to service your fire equipment based on the lowest price. Choose a company that has your back. A company that will help you with a code compliance issue or a citation from an insurance adjuster. Here at A TO Z FIRE,  we want to protect you and your valuables for LIFE!